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The film Limitless tapped into what is an intricate weakness in human psychology: the temptation of someone offering something that is hard earned for free. From pyramid schemes to e-mails claiming you have won of a large sum of money in a competition you don’t remember entering, we are always tempted by such lofty promises until we learn otherwise. So if I was to tell you that there was a drink that could positively affect your moods, thought processes, energy and increase your business productivity levels, would you believe me?

While not making me "limitless", here are four drinks that enhance the way I function and feel. These age-old natural energy drinks make me more productive in business and more importantly, make me feel healthier and happier in the process.  In my blog this week, I thought I'd share with you my version of the "limitless" potion that catapults Bradley Cooper's character to fame in the 2011 film:



Jasmine Green Tea


Brewed in China since the days of the Song Dynasty (960), this scented tea was deemed so good that it was reserved for the Imperial Court. In modern times, there are still not many drinks that can match it in terms of health and taste. A wonderful replacement for your favourite soft-drink or coffee,  this aroma-therapeutic tea is free of calories and contains only 5% of the amount of caffeine found in coffee so you won’t be nervously twitching at your desk after a cup too many.

It also works as a fat burner, clearing your complexion, lowering your blood pressure and reducing your chance of getting diabetes. For those of you that enjoy a few drinks at the weekend, green tea is also the ultimate liver anti-oxidiser.

As an added bonus, studies have recently proven that green tea kills bad breath thanks to anti-bacterial agents that reoccur in the leaves. 




Coconut Water




Coconut water has been a revelation in recent years, skyrocketing in popularity thanks to having more hydration power then water, the nutritional value equal to milk and a natural richness in dietary fibre. Coconut water is a natural isotonic with double the potassium content of most commercially available sports drinks, without the sugar content.

This clear liquid was used in the Pacific War for plasma transfusions because of its startling resemblance to human plasma. Still used as an intravenous solution in some countries, coconut water can be credited for saving hundreds of lives throughout the world.




Aloe Vera Juice




Aloe Vera has been thought to have curing properties since it was named “the plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians 6,000 years ago. 

This gelatinous plant juice is also a great toxin eliminator and adaptogen (great for your immune system). It is the perfect drink to consume with your lunch as it has alkaline properties to settle your stomach.  It also tastes great so  if you are worried that this drink will have a soapy taste, don’t be.




Beetroot Juice




In the 16th century, beetroot juice was mostly used as a hair die but thankfully we have moved on from this and are now using the vegetable for its nutritional content. Beetroots contain nitrate, a substance which widens blood vessels resulting in an increase in your body’s oxygen intake. If you consume beetroots on a regular basis they can leave you with feelings of great energy whilst defeating feelings of fatigue.



Watch Your Alcohol Intake




Drinking alcohol may be a lot of fun, but it is an energy sapping substance which ruins motivation, slows down your cognitive response and makes your central nervous system process at a slower rate. It also causes fatigue and negatively affects your sleeping pattern. As a natural depressant, you will most likely feel sombre after a heavy drinking session and find yourself struggling mentally and physically. My view of alcohol it is quite clear - alcohol intake is inversely proportional to entrepreneurial success; the less your intake, the higher your chance to succeed in your venture.

Although these tips will not metamorphose you from a failed author to potential mayor of New York a la Bradley Cooper’s character Eddie Morra in Limitless, they will help your body run more efficiently on a day to day basis. Small changes in your routine and  habits will push the boundaries of what you're mentally and physically capable of. The question to ask yourself is "Have you maxed out your potential?" I'm honest enough with myself to know I haven't.  While being "limitless" isn't an option, we know it is up to us to raise and set our own upper limits, and there's no better place to start than with your diet.

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