Article courtesy of the University of Oxford

Faisal Butt is the founder and president of Tribal Monsoon, a social venture specialising in the sale of South Asian cultural handmade products to global businesses and consumers. Through Tribal Monsoon, Faisal connects artisans and cottage industries in South Asia to buyers worldwide by leveraging modern information technology and global business partnerships. Currently, Faisal's social venture employs a team of 20 professionals and 300 artisans all over rural Pakistan.

In recognition for his work with Tribal Monsoon, Faisal was awarded "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" by Shell Livewire in 2003, a responsibility he exercises through mentoring start-up entrepreneurs. He is a co-founder and Charter Member of the Islamabad Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), the world's largest not-for-profit organisation for entrepreneurs. Through TiE, Faisal aims to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan and globally by organising events that focus on mentoring, education, and networking.

Faisal decided to do an MBA in order to enhance his management skills, to build his professional network and to explore new entrepreneurial opportunities. He chose the University of Oxford and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship because he wanted to meet like-minded professionals who combine business acumen with a desire for social change. "I am a firm believer that lucrative business and social entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive, and I want to be at an institute that is in line with these values," he says.

After completing his MBA at Oxford, Faisal plans to enhance his industry knowledge of private equity and venture capital with a focus on private equity for the developing world.