Earlier this year I decided that in order to boost eMoov.co.uk to become a mainstream, truly recognisable brand I would have to enlist some help.

At the forefront of my mind was investment funding whereby I would raise a chunk of money to spend on marketing and infrastructure.

Somehow (I’ll the save the details for my book) (that’s a joke by the way), I managed to get talking to Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate and its founding Managing Partner Faisal Butt who asked me a lot about me and wanted detailed figures together with, ultimately, some projections.

And then more numbers. And some more. And then some more…

When I eventually got face to face with Faisal and his team of glamorous assistants (Hi Tom, Varja and Dominic), he shook his head over my five year forecast, smiled and uttered ‘You entrepreneurs simply don’t think big enough sometimes’.

That was the moment that I knew eMoov, if it could partner with Faisal, James Caan and the HBRE group, could really take off into the stratosphere.

40 or so meetings later, including with Mr Caan himself in a scary as hell ‘Den’ experience at his Mayfair tower, has today culminated in the announcement that HBRE and eMoov.co.uk are formally business partners in a joint venture that is set to be a true game changer in UK estate agency. We will be saving home sellers throughout the country millions upon millions of pounds in estate agency fees.

The HBRE investment is not all about the money by any means. Because the support team there is phenomenal. However it’s not even just about that as I am still pinching myself at the team that Faisal has built around us in the Non-Exec Directors that will guide and support the business from here onwards. Importantly, the NEDs have all invested their own money in the business just as James and Faisal have. Which is so very important in ensuring that everyone is 100% committed with ‘skin in the game’, as one of my new colleagues so wonderfully puts it.

Ivan Ramirez of global tech fame via his Groupon role; Sheraz Dar, marketing guru formerly of Prime Location and FindaProperty.co.uk; plus Jonathan Galore of Wealth Front and CTO of Wonga.com, make up the all star team that is set to elevate eMoov.co.uk to household name status during 2014.

eMoov.co.uk started as an idea that I ran from my lounge. Soon, it will end up in everyone’s…