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James Caan and Faisal Butt’s Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate is launching yet another venture as the VC platform rolls into seemingly every part of the UK’s property industry.

The latest project, Leadership and Management Ltd (L+M), is a joint venture business that aims to lead and manage (hence, we guess, the name) property and construction projects, targeting prime multi-unit developments and private HNW homes.

Paul Daniels, a former Director at Sweett Group, came up with the L+M idea, and will be joined former colleagues and co-founders Nigel Clarke and Geoff Heppell (formerly Director of Buro Four who will be the Non-Executive Chairman).

The company will “lead development, construction, fit out and refurbishment projects by providing an integrated range of cost-effective services delivered across the whole capital expenditure lifespan. These will include development consultancy, project management, project planning, cost leadership, building surveying, health and safety consulting and asset management. L+M will also develop its offering to include high value, results focused services for new businesses in emerging markets and sectors.”

L+M is the HBRE’s sixth venture capital investment, following the recent launches of estate agency Ivy Gate, Shari’ah-spacialist investment advisors 90 North Real Estate Partners, and Accouter Group – a portfolio of companies that specialise in prime property services, luxury interior design and furnishings.

Over the next 24 to 36 months, the Cann and Butt are looking to invest over £10 million – backing 20 start-ups within the property sector with the aim of creating a “multifaceted platform” with an equity value of over £500 million. The plan is for each business to have different services but complement one another and provide synergies. Read all about the masterplan in our interview with Faisal Butt here.

James Caan, Chairman at HBRE: “L+M fits our strategy of investing in exciting new property businesses that complement each other and bring something new to the platform. In Paul, Nigel and Geoff we have backed a vastly experienced team with a proven track record so I have every confidence that they will hit the ground running. With outstanding technical competence in their ranks, L+M will bring inspirational leadership and intelligent management to projects that far exceed client expectations.”

Faisal Butt, Co-founder and Managing Director at HBRE: “We’re backing people that are leaders in their industry. At HBRE, we have created a platform to attract the best talent from the market and bring them into a dynamic entrepreneurial setup where they can own and grow their business.

“We’ve taken a traditional back office function in recruitment and moved it front of house. We want to turn HBRE into another LSL or Savills in terms of being a major provider of real estate services, but scale-up by investing in people instead of through mergers and acquisitions. Our mantra is that if you back top people, they will go on to do great things.”

Paul Daniels, Founder and Managing Director at L+M: ”I’m delighted to be partnering with HBRE. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the founders to build upon their established market presence and the entrepreneurial verve that HBRE will bring, as well as their proven track record of building successful businesses…

“With the skillsets and experience in our team, we will build upon our established reputation for being ’project-makers’. L+M’s services will shaped by the things our clients value so even when they’re not sure of exactly how to achieve their business goals, they trust us to create a solution that fits their requirements.

“We’ve already started work on a number of high profile retail schemes and expect this to continue to be a strong sector for us. Many retail schemes were put on hold during the recession and now there’s a shortage of good stock that meets retailers requirements. At the same time, growth in online shopping is driving demand for different types of space as well as for more technologically advanced property assets. We expect a substantial pipeline of shopping centre developments as well as upgrades to existing assets through extensions, refurbishments and new IT systems.

“Building upon our presence in the retail sector, we will enter a number of other markets including luxury private and multi-unit residential, commercial offices, and hotels and leisure. We will achieve this by attracting the very highest talent and rewarding them well.

“We’re looking for the best senior figures who are top in their field as well as bright young professionals who can truly bring something new to our business, with the aim of creating a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector brand.

“Professionals joining L+M will be provided with career changing opportunities to flourish in a supportive and entrepreneurial environment where they are highly regarded with clients valuing what they do."